a photographer's avenue to freedom and friendship

Have you ever taken a moment to consider the difference between "You can come if you want," vs "I want you to come."? 

The first can quickly begin to build walls of insecurity and fear of rejection, and the second has the power to immediately diffuse feelings of anxiety or that same fear of rejection.

This is where The Invitation comes in.

At The Invitation, we strive to create an environment full of joy and kindness, new and old friends, creative rejuvenation, and of course FUN! We provide a relaxed atmosphere for any creative to come and feel inspired, while also integrating activities that don't even include your camera!

If any of this sounds exciting to you, keep reading!


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The Invitation is the photographers’ avenue to grow in both business and friendship. We provide you with the opportunity to travel and gain content, while simultaneously allowing space to form friendships that will outlast a single day.

MEet your host

I'm Kmac! I have been in the photography realm for about 6 years now and there are a few things I've learned. One being the power of community, and two being the importance of rest and fun! I believe so deeply that we are better together than we are alone and from experiencing that myself, there's hardly anything I want more than to see others walk in the same freedom!! Will you join us?

I'm SO excited to meet you!!