Beach Longboard Couples Adventure Session

Couple holds hands on longboards at adventure session

Have you ever considered that you literally don’t need a big life moment as a reason to get photos taken with you and your person? No? Well, let me share a few thoughts from this beach longboard adventure session!

You don’t need a big life moment in order to get photos taken together!

Couple holds hands running at beach adventure session

Capturing Everyday Moments

Obviously, we all want our big life moments captured, that’s a given! But something I’ve noticed as an elopement photographer is there’s always some pressure for these photos to be perfect. Or, there’s a desire for the day itself to be everything you ever hoped and dreamed. These hopes can often take away from the specialness of the photos. Not all the time, but occasionally.

What about the season of life you’re currently in? Don’t you want to also remember this, right here and now, in all of its beautiful messiness?

Think about this: what is something that you and your person have just LOVED doing together recently?

What draws your heart towards this activity? Maybe you guys love riding bikes together, or you have a weekly picnic tradition? Whatever it is, maybe that’s something you would love to have captured. I find that it’s the candid, in-between moments of special occasions that are the most beautiful shots I capture.

Capturing How the Photos Feel

Couple holds hands running at adventure session

Photography is about capturing what things look like, but I would argue that more of it is about capturing how it FEELS. The same way that a particular scent or food can immediately bring you back to a moment in time, so can a photo. And that’s why I’m here, to help you remember what it looks like, but also what it feels like.

Doing this beach longboard adventure session with Haley and Chase is a perfect example of capturing those feelings! My roommate and her boyfriend spent their time hanging out by the beach, riding longboards, and listening to music all while I was there capturing their love. It was relaxed, full of pure emotions, and SO FUN!!

Couple kisses at longboard adventure session

Capturing What Comes Naturally

The three of us literally walked across the street from my house for this shoot and it was seriously the best ever! Haley and Chase are NATURALS so it was super easy having them in front of my camera. Pro Tip to a new photographer: roommates are the best built-in models! 

I was reminded of an absence throughout this shoot that can be overwhelmingly present during a special occasion: this session had absolutely NO PRESSURE. There was no single shot, angle, or moment we were trying to capture or had to take due to internal or outside pressures. Haley and Chase could just be! 

This sense of freedom is a feeling I’m always aiming for in my sessions and I find it especially in my elopements! In my experience, the best photos come from a place of rest and trust. When you simply show up to have a good time, the rest will flow.

The best photos come from a place of rest and trust. When you simply show up to have a good time, the rest will flow.


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go! Grab your person, your photographer (hint: it’s me, lol), and choose something you two love to do together. Let’s capture it! It would be my honor to walk into such a special memory with you two.

Couple stands apart at longboard adventure session
Couple longboards together at adventure session
Couple holds hands at beach adventure session
Couple holds hands walking at beach adventure session
Waves crash over couples' feet at beach adventure session

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Beach Longboard Couples Adventure Session

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