Virginia Beach Sunrise Engagement Session: The Best Time of Day for an Adventure

couple runs down hill at Virginia Beach sunrise engagement photos

The best part of living by the beach on the east coast are the sunrises. I’ve lived in Virginia Beach for almost two years now and I love returning here as my home base after every elopement travel photography job. Even though I have shot sunrises at the beach countless times, it still gets me feeling giddy! Every Virginia Beach sunrise and sunset is different and enhanced by the variety of couples that I capture in this romantic setting.

How Virginia Beach Brings the Best People Together

It only made sense that it all started with a Virginia Beach connection. Even though I had never met the couple before taking their engagement photoshoot, we shared a lot of mutual friends in the area. Following our initial phone call and knowing the kind of friends that connected us, I knew that we would get along. It turns out I was right! Jordan and Luke are so fun and such easy people to be around. They fit like two puzzle pieces and they’re both so down for an adventure and a good time.

couple lies in the sand at Virginia Beach sunrise engagement photos

They were already fairly comfortable with each other and the environment so I mostly followed them around with my camera and let everything flow naturally. I knew the best spots to catch the Virginia Beach sunrise and put them in locations providing just general prompts for movement to get them started. I then allowed them to lead the way in how they naturally interacted with each other and it was perfect!

Why They Chose a Virginia Beach Sunrise Engagement

Jordan and Luke knew from the start that they wanted a Virginia Beach sunrise session for their engagement photos. The weather was not super awesome for a few weeks so we kept pushing it back to make a sunshine morning on the beach happen. Finally, Jordan said to me, “Let’s do this day, and if it’s sunny, great, and if not, we’ll rock it.” That’s exactly the energy that they brought!

couple walks holding hands at Virginia Beach sunrise engagement photos

From our conversations, I completely understood the vibe they wanted for their sunny morning on the beach and I chose the North End beaches for our location. The morning was truly so beautiful and although there was a small cloud right over the horizon line, it kept the light diffused for just long enough. Later, it peeked out with the prettiest orange and pink morning light! This morning was super special!

Besides capturing their engagement photos on the beach, they also had prepped for an outfit change before a walk through the nearby neighborhood street. It was a really cute setting for the second half of their session!

sunrise over the ocean at Virginia Beach sunrise

A Virginia Beach Sunrise Session Will Make You Want to Stay

The best part about working with these two was their total trust in me and my vision for the shoot. Because they trusted me completely, they knew that if they just showed up and enjoyed being together, the photos would fall into place. That’s exactly what happened at their Virginia Beach sunrise engagement and what made the whole morning enjoyable for all of us!

couple walks along street at Virginia Beach engagement session

Though they didn’t at the time, Jordan and Luke now live in Virginia Beach and are loving it! If doing your engagement photos at the beach leads you to live there, then that must mean it’s a great experience! I like to think that capturing love in a place as beautiful as Virginia Beach at sunrise would convince anyone to stay. : )

couple embraces at Virginia Beach engagement photos

Thinking about planning your own sunrise beach engagement session? I know exactly where we should go!

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Virginia Beach Sunrise Engagement Session: The Best Time of Day for an Adventure

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