A Love Story from Art Gallery Engagement to Garden Party Wedding

couple kisses surrounded by wedding party cheering at garden party wedding

Following a chance movie theater meeting during high school, it was love that eventually brought these two together. Theirs is such a sweet story of how they found their way through life and then all the way back to each other. This culminated in a garden party wedding that I can’t really express how honored I felt in capturing!

couple walks through field holding hands at garden party wedding

When True Love Leads to a Garden Party Wedding Celebration

couple holds hands in front of painting at art gallery engagement session

With every moment spent photographing Sean and Alyssa it became obvious how much they loved each other. I first witnessed it after these two found me on Instagram and booked their engagement session at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. They chose this location based on their being both DC locals and lovers of the arts!

couple embraces by sculpture at art gallery engagement session

We met for the first time that day and it quickly became clear that they are just a magical pair even after being together for so long. Having known each other since they were young, Sean still looks at Alyssa like she hung the moon, and he really believes that she did! I knew after exploring the gallery together that their garden party wedding would be one to remember.

couple walks holding hands at art gallery engagement session

The Perfect Setting for a Virginia Garden Party Wedding

couple stands on porch together in front of mountainside farm land

Located about 1.5 hours west of Washington, DC and tucked below the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains is the Long Branch Historic House and Farm. The outdoor wedding tent and grand indoor locations of the estate (including that incredible staircase) allowed Sean and Alyssa to fully execute their dream wedding style!

From the flowers to the table decorations it was mostly a DIY design done by Alyssa herself! The entire style of the day was her garden party wedding vision so perfectly coming to life! Other touches that emphasized the garden wedding theme included bridesmaids wearing pastel and flower-patterned dresses contrasted by the groomsmen in classic black tuxes. Their day was so beautifully put together that it felt like a classic Virginian garden party!

pastel colorful napkins and flower table setting at tent wedding

Everything about their day and their love story was on point with details like providing popcorn at their reception as a nod to their original movie theater meeting. These two are both such old souls and love the nostalgia of film. I was able to capture two rolls of their wedding on film too! The use of just a hint of film photography on their wedding day was just another nod to their story!

bride holds umbrellas with bridesmaids at garden party wedding

A Chance Meeting that Led to the Most Meaningful Day

groom kisses bride standing in field at garden party wedding

I can’t believe this day came and went so quickly. These newlyweds are so in love and their joy will carry them for ages to come! Watching them commit their lives to each other was such a beautiful and peaceful moment.

wedding accessories and invitations flat lay

Alyssa and Sean truly soul are mates. The whole wedding was tender from the way they interacted with each other to how they enjoyed their loved ones. I had such a fun time shooting their wedding, and it inspired me so much creatively! These two allowed me the space to be creative and try some new things and I was thriving!

bride holds wedding bouquets with bridesmaids at garden party wedding
bride walks with bridesmaids holding wedding bouquets at garden party wedding
bride twirls dress holding wedding wildflower bouquet at garden party wedding
couple embraces standing in field at garden wedding
couple embraces standing on porch at farm wedding
groom kisses bride standing in field at garden party wedding

The Team

Venue | Long Branch Historic House and Farm
Photographer | Photos by Kmac
Wedding Coordinator | Wed With Steph
DJ | DJ Connection
Bar | The Bartique
Transportation | Chariots of Hire
Catering | BricknFire Pizza Company
Rentals | Select Event Group
Live Poet | Fully Bloomed Shop
Pianist | Caleb Nei Jazz

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A Love Story from Art Gallery Engagement to Garden Party Wedding

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