Glacier National Park All-Day Adventure Ideas for a Rainy Engagement Session

couple walks along pier at glacier national park lake

Sometimes, the Lord tells you to wait. That was the case with Jack and Abby. They had already booked a wedding videography package with my friend Sydney and I, so we were ready to go! But, they decided to push the wedding back a year so Jack could finish school and get on his feet before they got married. It was a tough call to make, and of course a disappointment. But, it was amazing to see the creative adventure ideas we came up with for their holdover Glacier National Park engagement session!

Glacier National Park Photographer Captures Your All-Day Adventures

couple holds hands in front of lake at glacier national park

It had been a year since their engagement and one more until their wedding day when we celebrated Jack and Abby at Glacier National Park. There’s so much that Glacier has to offer, and even more of these adventure ideas are possible when you have a full day!

Since we had already worked together on planning their wedding day, it was also easy to fall into making plans for their adventurous engagement shoot photos. Jack and Abby landed on a tour to Glacier National Park as a joint family vacation combined with their engagement session during their original wedding weekend. We tossed around a few different national parks and landed on Glacier because it was a spot new to both of them. Sydney and I were both there to capture their all-day adventure!

couple gets adventure ideas in Glacier National Park at engagement session

Since I was the only one who had previously captured photos in the park, I helped a lot with location scouting and planning out the day. We went in early June when the Going-To-The-Sun-Road wasn’t fully open so we were limited to fewer spots but these were still breathtaking!

I posed Jack and Abby very little because it was so easy to naturally capture them seeing the park for the first time! They made my job so easy so that all I had to do was lead them to pretty spots where they would have a blast together. Part of what made the day so special was that these two chose to read letters to each other. The notes expressed their love and what they were excited about in the coming year of their engagement.

couple exchanges vows at Glacier National Park elopement

It was a sweet way to commemorate the day and to share their expectations for marriage while still waiting, knowing that the Lord had perfect plans for them.

couple hugs beside lake getting adventure ideas from Glacier National Park

When it Rains on Your Day, Don’t Let it Stop Your Adventure Ideas

couple gets adventure ideas on pier at Glacier National Park lake

The only problem we encountered throughout the day was the weather! We got to Lake McDonald for sunrise and it was pouring. This is not necessarily ideal for putting adventure ideas like a sunrise shoot into action. We went to get coffee and waited it out for about an hour and the rain finally stopped!

We were able to go out onto the pier as they read their letters and enjoy the cloudy morning together. The clouds actually helped even out the lighting so that it was never too bright. Even though the rain made the hike muddy and more insects came out, Abby and Jack wouldn’t have had their adventure any other way. It’s always possible to make rainy elopement or engagement days work!

cloud covered mountains at Glacier National Park engagement session

Location Options for Your Full-Day Glacier Trip

couple runs along road holding hands at Glacier National Park engagement session

One of the main benefits of an all-day session (or adding day-before or after-sessions to your wedding) is that we can take our time enjoying as many adventure ideas as you choose! After the sunrise part of the day, the entire family joined Jack and Abby for breakfast at their lodge before heading out to the next part of the day.

The path to Avalanche Lake had us traveling alongside a flowing river and wooded streets with lots of spots to take pretty photos. The cloud-filled sky actually diffused the light perfectly for coverage at Avalanche Lake since we arrived there midday when the direct sun would have been too bright.

couple uses adventure ideas standing beside lake at Glacier National Park engagement session

All of these spots were unique in their own way and provided a fun experience for Jack and Abby. The clouds and rain were not ideal at first, but we made the most of it and the cloud-covered photos turned out great, including those at the park entrance itself! The couple’s engagement shoot outfits were simple but adventurous which highlighted the scenery and their love more than anything.

couple uses adventure ideas at Glacier National Park engagement session

Overall, it was such a fun day with Jack and Abby and their families which made Sydney and I even more excited for their upcoming wedding!

Trying to figure out where to spend your engagement day? I have a few places for you to consider!

couple gets adventure ideas while kissing on road at Glacier National Park engagement session
couple gets adventure ideas holding hands beside snow-covered mountain

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Glacier National Park All-Day Adventure Ideas for a Rainy Engagement Session

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