Business & Friendship: What Makes This Photographer Community Unique

Group of photographers shoot together in studio at photography content day

What makes The Invitation photographer community unique? Here’s the reality: photography content days are popping up everywhere and increasing in popularity. We are so excited that this is happening! The biggest difference in our minds is how we run ours! We want to combine business and friendship in a way unlike anything you’ve seen before in the photography industry. Here’s how our content days allow you to experience the best thing that has sustains our businesses: a photographer community.

For starters, the basic structure of our photography content day remains the same–photographers gathering together to shoot amazing content! You can read the story of The Invitation’s beginning and the story of these Atlanta, Georgia content day sessions!

Couple sits seated on rug in studio at content day building photographer community

Combining Business & Friendship–What Sets The Invitation Apart

Couple paints together at outdoor sunset couples session

I vividly remember six years ago dreaming about this little photography side hustle and what it could turn into. But, never once did I think it could be this sweet. This dream included becoming a person that brought others together to do the thing that we all love.

I found that the best way to build such a community with others was to start with an existing friendship. Partnering with McKenna has been the perfect combination to make our shared dream a reality! There’s nothing that fills our souls more than seeing people come together with support and love for each other.

Photographers laugh seated on rug at Atlanta, Georgia content day

To accomplish this, our content days have built-in time for getting to know one another and bonding over photography! Though these days are a mad rush, we always make time to support the creation of this photographer community through meaningful connections. This looks like all of us sitting down at one long table together for an editing session or over coffee. Usually it’s both!

McKenna and I personally model this with each of our attendees by getting to know them and encouraging them individually. The two of us want to be the same people in real life that we portray on social media. We make this a priority even though our time together is limited!

Photographer community poses together in studio at photography content day

Photographers Come for the Content & Leave With Community

Because the experience is short but purposeful, these newly-formed relationships often spill over into the rest of our lives. Invitation alumni attend each other’s content days or do mentorships together. So many of our attendees follow us around the country attending more than one Invitation!

Bride holds groom's arm at photography content day

A day where we create exciting content and form new relationships is what makes our content days different! The time together is always so refreshing seeing everyone choosing community over competition in our shared industry. We laugh so hard all day long and there’s quite literally nothing else we would rather be doing together!

Our community of photographers has extended beyond what we could have ever have imagined. I love that our value in building a photographer community is crystal clear so that we draw in the best people! We’re so amazed by the photo communities that find us and want to hang out or even help out!

Couple embraces at studio elopement shoot

Here’s what some of our regulars and new faces shared when they were asked why they chose to attend our content day!

I decided to come to the Invitation because I wanted to build my portfolio with really cool couples in awesome, different settings. I want to start moving more towards couples and elopements and I think this is the best way to do it with the best people ever!

Hannah, @hannahcreephotography

I’m super excited that I got to be here. I just love the heart and passion behind making sure that this is an invitation for all photographers wherever you are in your skill level. You can just really grow and network with other people who love Jesus and love the opportunity to continue to grow. It never feels like it’s only for those who have a certain number of followers or if you’re this experienced. It’s an opportunity that if you want to come–we want you to be here. I really just love the heart behind that.

Jordan, @jordangrimesphotography
Bride stands embraced seated groom with wedding florals at elopement photo shoot

On a Mission to Build a Photographer Community

Photographers jump in bounce house at photography content day

The Invitation is on a mission to see strangers become friends and to see the name of Jesus magnified. McKenna and I believe deeply in the power of bringing people together and we continually see the benefits of it!

As photographers and videographers, most of us don’t wake up and go to the office with our coworkers. A lot of us sit at home alone more days than we would prefer. After a while, working alone as a photographer definitely wears on your mind and heart. We cannot do anything alone, and we are by no means supposed to try! That’s why surrounding yourself with a photographer community is totally worth it!

Photographers laugh seated on rug at Atlanta, Georgia content day

In all reality, we are on the SAME team! We love nothing more than seeing everyone jump in and help each other. YOU are why these days are so important to us! When you choose to invest in us, you’re also investing in yourself and everyone around you. That’s the goal: community and friendship over competition and numbers.

Our mission in building this photographer community is that you walk away refreshed, encouraged, rejuvenated and motivated to press on through those hard days! Knowing that these content days make an impact far beyond just pretty photos is what keeps us going and gives us inspiration to continue hosting them!

It’s bigger than you, and it’s bigger than us. THIS IS WHY WE DO IT!

Couple jumps in bounce house at Atlanta, Georgia wedding
Couple stands beside bounce house at Atlanta, Georgia sunset wedding

Will you join us for the next one? Stay tuned for our upcoming Invitation location announcement!  

The Team

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Bounce House | @luxebounce
Studio | The Mill on Etowah

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Business & Friendship: What Makes This Photographer Community Unique

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