6 Shoots – One Photography Content Day

Couple jumps in bounce house at Atlanta photography content day

One Day. 6 Shoots. 12 Attendees. WHAT A DAY!! I feel like there is always this sort of adrenaline that comes with hosting events and shoots like this. Squeezing six shoots into one day on top of 12 strangers gathering together is a lot! It’s also a great release of pent-up anticipation when you see everything that has been in your mind for so long actually come together in real life. This is what doing six shoots in one photography content day looks like!

Before you read any further, go ahead and find out WHY we started The Invitation as well as WHAT we have coming next!

Getting It All In

Couple kisses in bounce house at Atlanta photography content day

A photography content day is stressful, exciting, encouraging, and REALLY FUN! There is SO much coordination that goes into it when you are working with a variety of vendors, attendees, and models all on different timelines. It takes a lot of prep and communication beforehand to make sure everyone knows when they are supposed to be where. It’s easy to drop the ball!

Despite the hard work it involves, as soon as McKenna and I finish one (this Atlanta, Georgia Invitation was our 3rd) we are already planning the next! Each Invitation photography content day event is so unique and special and we absolutely could not do them alone. Having our team and partnerships with vendors in each Invitation city is what convinces us that we can do the next one!

Surrounded by Creatives

Couple kisses in field at Atlanta photography content day

It’s kind of like your first day of school. Walking into a content day encountering a batch of photographers you don’t know can be nerve-wracking. On top of that, we work fast! It’s really sweet watching the photographers jump in and use their creative juices even if they are a little nervous. (psst we are too!)

Photographers take photos of styled shoot at Atlanta photography content day

As hosts, we’ve been focused on the details of the shoot for so long that they can feel too familiar to us. Our photographer attendees bring in an amazing outsiders’ perspective when they step into the styled shoot. All they see is the final photograph so sometimes the photos are easier for them to picture than for us to envision! Most of the time I end up learning so much from our photographers!

One shoot in particular from this six-shoot photography content day that I was surprised by was the sunrise bridal. Not only was it our first shoot of the day, but we were capturing these photos at dawn on a parking garage rooftop in downtown Atlanta. We only had one shot to make it happen as soon as that sun started peaking over that city skyline!

Couple kisses at sunrise on rooftop at Atlanta photography content day

For all the other photo sessions, we provided the couples with enough props to work with that it made it easier for them to pose while interacting. Even though there wasn’t a lot happening at the parking garage, it still turned out AMAZING. We also used this location to shoot a longboard couples session because why wouldn’t you???

Couple rides on longboard at Atlanta photography content day

Sets This Content Day Apart

Photographers pose together in a group at Atlanta photography content day

An equally important value of The Invitation photography content day besides shooting fantastic styled shoots is building community with fellow photographers. We took time between shoots to actually be with the attendees and get to know them. It was so fun seeing everyone sit around the table at lunch laughing and genuinely getting to know each other. By the end of the day, the shoots felt like a bonus, even though that’s why everyone initially signed up!

Couple jumps in bounce house at Atlanta photography content day
Couple kisses while holding longboard at Atlanta photography content day

Our photography content day attendees tell us afterwards that it was the time in-between shoots that was the best part. One photographer even said it was the best content day they had ever attended! We are so grateful that everyone feels included and loved, even those who this was their first content day.

Photographers hug at Atlanta photography content day

Having Mckenna by my side ever since our first Invitation and hearing feedback like this makes surviving these crazy days possible! We are all there for the same reasons: for content, creativity, and for community. It’s a really sweet feeling when it all comes together in the end!

Find out where we are going next time for The Invitation photography content day and get on our email list for first dibs on tickets!

The Team

Hosts | The Invitation, @kmac__3 & @mckennaekleiner
Feather Wall | @eventsbyjessicap
Models | @turquoisetides, @rchappy18, @micahapon, @haley_apon, @tiannahorsey, @philipbowles_, @kennaprogers, @whatshawdude, @joeyjpg_, @cassidy.ibarraa, @heyelisegarcia, @cologarcia323
Dress | @annachristinebridal
Designer | @morileeofficial, @bylillianwest, @adorejustinalexander
Florals | @89thandautumn
Graphic Design | @thehoneysuckleblog
Leather | @alpineleatherco
Venue | @lewallenfarms
Bounce House | @luxebounce
Studio | The Mill on Etowah

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6 Shoots – One Photography Content Day

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